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Our personal lifts are specially designed for the home and include the following
(see diagrams below for informational purposes)

EtnaLift home lifts are composed of guides, a hydraulic cylinder, a controller box (which contains the system control panel and the hydraulic drive system) and a passenger car. The lift must be installed in an enclosed shaft. The controller box is positioned within one metre of the shaft. The guides are installed on a load-bearing wall. Pressure from the oil in the hydraulic cylinder moves the car along the guides inside the shaft. The specially designed automated control system ensures a smooth ride with our ‘soft start and stop’ system.


  • 1-4 floors
  • Maximum travel: 8.5m
  • Rated load: 250kg/m², up to 3 people
  • Motor: 230V – 50Hz – 1.5kW
  • Plugs into standard 230V (16A) wall socket – double pole + ground. Device requires dedicated line protected by a 30mA residual current circuit breaker, SI or A-Si type (required by law)
  • Platform structure: welded steel
  • Configuration: single, through, angle
  • Ceiling height on top floor: depends on travel distance. For example, for 3 metres of travel, the minimum ceiling height on the top floor is 2.3 metres (for less, consult with technicians)
  • Maximum speed: 0.15 metres per second
  • Controller box including hydraulic drive system and automated control system, H 1100 mm x L 610 mm x D 440 mm
  • Controller box must never be installed more than one metre from the shaft. It should ideally be placed on one of the outer walls of the shaft, preferably on the lower level. Its precise placement should be checked with our technicians
  • 230V power outlet and phone jack should be available near the controller box


  • Powered by direct drive cylinder
  • Flow regulator on cylinder output
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Guides: aluminium alloy profile
  • Automated control system
  • Soft start and stop using frequency variation
  • Uses vegetable oil that is 95% biodegradable (per CEC L-33-A-93 method)



  • Custom car dimensions based on available space (except Comfort Standard, XL, XXL and Lumière d’Opale)
  • Telephone wired to the network (customer responsible for providing jack and covering cost)
  • Low-voltage LED lighting
  • Emergency lighting in case of power outage
  • Mechanical emergency lowering system (no battery)
  • Protective light curtain prevents user from touching the shaft wall during movement


  • Glass or part-glass doors with aluminium frames and door interlocks. Manual open (automatic as an option)
  • Walkway space depends on door width


  • Automatic call button on landing
  • Inside car:
    • One-touch buttons on Creative models
    • Hold-down buttons on Comfort models


  • Masonry, electrical, phone line, etc. is the responsibility of the customer


  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • EC type-examination certificate issued by Apave Parisienne to the manufacturer Etna France

All dimensions and technical specifications are for information only and non-binding; they must be confirmed by EtnaLift’s technical department. Photos and images are non-binding. In an ongoing effort to improve our lifts we reserve the right to change all product specifications.

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Technical Diagrams

2 FLOORS SINGLE ENTRY 810X1290 MM(Download)

2 FLOORS SINGLE ENTRY 1000x1250 MM(Download)

2 FLOORS THRU-CAR 810 X 1290 MM(Download)

2 FLOORS THRU-CAR 1000x1250 MM(Download)

3 FLOORS SINGLE ENTRY 810X1290 MM(Download)

3 FLOORS SINGLE ENTRY 1000X1250 MM(Download)

3 FLOORS THRU-CAR 810X1290 MM(Download)

3 FLOORS THRU-CAR 1000X1250 MM(Download)