What do they think
of their home lift ?



Written testimonials
Françoise M.

Excellent responsiveness, very tuned to our needs. All very nice. Lift integrating perfectly with our interior and that makes life easier for us.

Robert R.

An effective answer for my custom-made installation.

Charlotte D.

I installed a home lift with a “stone” effect decor that fits perfectly in my house.
I am delighted with the result. As far as the salesman and the assemblers are concerned, nothing to report, they both knew how to answer whenever I had questions, in particular for the works. Not enough perspective on longevity!

Raphaël X.

My wife, Louise, has big problems with osteoarthritis, to the point of having difficulties to move. And I cannot always help him alone. Our son lives next door but we cannot call him four times a day to ask him to help us. As a result, my wife always tended to stay on the same floor.
I decided to take charge. I contacted several companies, I first asked for stairlifts quotes.

Etna France were the only ones to offer me a home lift. While comparing prices, I realized that the difference in price was worth asking the question … It’s more stylish to have a private elevator than a stairlift, even if it is upscale !

Now everyone is using it at home: my wife and I of course but also all our friends who absolutely want to try it, and our grandchildren who find it amusing. Sometimes you have to scold them, but not too much, telling them it’s not a game.

Georges C.

Our “Etna France” home lift is installed since September 2016 and we use it every day with great pleasure. The two floors of our home had become unbearable and we would have been forced to move if a solution had not appeared under the guise of “Etna France”, who offered us a suitable and fast solution.

Implementation and installation was carried out on schedule with a very precise and very effective follow-up. We are very grateful to this company, especially since the final price, unsurprisingly, corresponded exactly to the quote presented. We really recommend this company, for its seriousness and efficiency.

Olivier D.

The company Etna France intervened with us to install a home lift for our 6 years old disabled little. The first contact with the commercial was very professional, the following also.
The installation of the elevator was made on time by 2 very competent technicians. They were able to explain to us, parents, and the technical aspects of the device and told our little boy and his 4 1/2 years old little sister, the importance of respecting the rules of use. We were pleasantly surprised by so much delicacy with our children.
The elevator got stuck once (in the beginning). The technician has been involved in a more than adequate time and told us what to do if it happened again.
To date and after 6 months of daily use by our 6 year old son (and sometimes also by the 3 brothers and sister), we had NO technical problems.
Little more for us, the elevator is Made in France with a superb finish. It fits perfectly in our home.
We recommend 🙂