Social issues are central to all of our work at Etna France. We help make cities more accessible for those with reduced mobility. We address both the growing desire for convenience and the need for seniors to stay in their homes given the current lack of suitable accommodation for them. We also help reduce occupational risk hazards.

We are committed to educating our employees and every year 5% of our hires are young professionals entering through internships, apprenticeships and vocational programmes, across all jobs and education levels. Etna France complies with all employment obligations regarding workers with disabilities.

Etna France works with local businesses wherever possible.


We are user-centric in everything we do.

We create safe, reliable, durable products that consistently meet manufacturing standards because we want our customers to be satisfied for years to come. We make adjustments for every scenario we come up against in order to propose the best solution for each user.

Origine France Garantie

Etna France is proud to have obtained ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE certification for the lifts we manufacture in our Domfront plant: HARMONIE stairlifts, home lifts, OPTIMA goods lifts, and our OPUS and OPALE reduced mobility lifts.

This seal guarantees that our devices are made in France and that 50-100% of the unit cost price comes from work done in France.

We are in the process of applying for certification for the goods lifts and reduced mobility lifts manufactured in our La Chapelle-Gauthier factory.


Our systems are designed to be simple and effective, with a focus on quality, durability, safety and price.

This is essential because our products are intended for homeowners and professionals who will use them on a daily basis. Our Research and Development team put their design and development expertise to work with these goals in mind.


Our business leaves only a small footprint on the natural environment.

We’ve chosen to use biodegradable hydraulic fluids to minimise the impact of an accidental leak (an extremely rare scenario which would not exceed several litres).

We manage our travel schedule by grouping equipment deliveries to minimise miles on the road.

Our industrial waste is reclaimed by a specialised company that is part of an approved network.

The French Ministry of Labour defines CSR as follows:

‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – a concept that refers to the voluntary incorporation by companies of social and environmental concerns into their business activities and their relationships with various stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, suppliers, subcontractors and consumers.’

Staying at Home


According to INSEE, one in three people in France will be 60 or older in 2050.

Today 90% of seniors age 80 and over live at home.

Confronted with a lack of suitable accommodation for seniors, ageing at home has become both a desire and a necessity, requiring people to reorganise their homes to be able to live in them safely.



Not only is land increasingly scarce – and as a result, expensive – people are already happy in their homes and have little interest in moving house.

We all want to have more space to live our lives in a changing society. Birth rates are on the rise, life expectancy is longer, seniors are often living at home, blended families are common, boomerangers return to live with their parents and each person in a household wants more independence.

As a result, a new way of thinking about our living spaces is emerging. Tomorrow it will be common to see homes designed over multiple floors. Building up instead of out will be an effective way to mitigate the scarcity and cost of property.



It’s undeniable: the age curve in Western Europe has been turned on its head. The ageing of the European population combined with longer life expectancy is creating a sea change in our consumption patterns and how we live our lives. These profound changes have encouraged Etna France to export our home lifts to Europe and the rest of the world.

‘It is time to think about home as a modular living space. Our housing must be built so it can adapt as family life changes. A couple becomes a couple with kids, then a retired couple. Recent studies show that Europeans want to live at home longer despite their unavoidable loss of independence. At Etna France we are convinced that we can improve people’s lives by making it easier for them to get around their homes.’ Vincent Bronze, CEO of Etna France


About Etna France:

Etna France specialises in moving people and goods, with a full range of home lifts, stairlifts, reduced mobility lifts and goods lifts. Our two factories and 100% of our production jobs are located in Normandy, about 260 km from Paris. 90% of our devices are certified ‘ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE’ by Bureau Veritas. In 30 years we have designed, manufactured, installed and serviced more than 25,000 lifts across France. Learn more at www.etnafrance.com.