The “Premiums” :
luxury and tailor-made

Premium home lifts

Passionate about decoration, architects, beautiful interiors lovers, are a demanding clientele that Etna Lift premium home lifts are addressed. Thanks to an “haute couture” installation and finishes, they will integrate into exceptional houses and apartments.

Pool, spa and home theatre are not the only sources of well-being and distinction in a luxury home. In a villa or to access the rooftop of a luxury apartment, the « Premium » home lift brings extra comfort and elegance. It integrates perfectly with the volumes, the design and the decoration of your interior, ancient or contemporary.

Custom-made integration

Etna Lift’s « Premium » home lift brings countless qualities: discreet, comfortable, easy-to-use, totally secure, improves circulation between spaces and fully fits into the decoration of a luxurious interior. Much less bulky than a conventional elevator, the Premium finds itself in a limited volume.
Designed by an engineering consulting firm, it responds « to measures » to the wishes of the owners, as part of a project to build, completely remodel a home, or to fit into the existing architecture. You can install a « Premium » home lift on one or several floors.

A bonus for your home

To install a « Premium » home lift in our home is a rise in range. This investment gives value to your property by offering high-end services, ensuring comfort, well-being and quality of life for its inhabitants.

Precious materials in harmony

« Premium » home lifts offer a range of exceptional decorative solutions. Automatic or not, partially or fully glazed, the doors are covered with a mirror, a transparent or smoked window, a decorative panel. The interior walls of the cabin adopt the most sought-after styles thanks to noble and precious materials: oak veneer, marquetry, etc. In harmony with the spaces it served, the floor can be dressed with ultrafine, white or black marble slabs from Portugal. Everything is planned so that your home lift is unique.

An installation respectful of the existing

During the installation phase, protecting your property is paramount. The Etna Lift teams make every effort to ensure that the installation and implementation of the home lift takes place in the upmost respect for the premises, finely executed.

Atmosphere Versailles, Champs-Elysees or Place Vendome, what will be your choice for a luxury home lift?