The “Creatives” :
the « decorative » home lifts

Creative home lifts

A unique home lift, which just looks like you, it’s possible thanks to the « Creatives » collection of Etna Lift. Customizable at will, they combine comfort, space saving and design integration in the house.

Cozy, design, contemporary or classic, whatever the style of your interior, Etna Lift’s « creative » private elevators blend into the décor.
In town or in the countryside, in a duplex loft or in a mansion, these space-saving home lifts can be discreetly integrated into the upholstery of your choice. In addition to bring you extra comfort, they value your property.

Dimensions adapted to your interior

Available in 4 standard sizes, S, M, L or XL, our customizable lifts are also available « on measures » to fit your space constraints. Contrary to popular belief, a small space is enough: for a cabin of 83 cm wide, the sheath in which the elevator is integrated occupies a width of only 105 cm.

The opening of doors fits: single, through (the entrance and the exit are made by opposite faces), or at an angle.
They can be automatic or manual, partially or totally glazed, with transparent or smoked glazing and equipped with a mirror. The interior control panel, in the form of an elegant vertical column, black or white, rises over the entire height of the cabin.

A customizable home lift !

The inner walls of the cabins are clad in panels with a laminated or opalescent glass finish. A wide choice of colours and patterns is available, thanks to regularly renewed decorations collections: oak, tropical wood, stone printing, “Horizon” photo, “Jungle” paper, etc. You can even customized your decor with the photo of your choice! The PVC floor is available in « waxed concrete » gray, oak, and white, black or plain gray. For lighting, LED spots are embedded in the ceiling. Aluminium doors can be dyed in any colour you choose from a wide palette.

Want to install a private elevator entirely to your taste? It’s your turn to play!