Home Lift, how does it works ?

“Home lift” is a term created by Etna France, Etna Lift’s French big sister, who led to the creation of a simple, safe, comfortable and easy to install home lift concept. Our teams have been experts in lifting technology for over 30 years. By observing the daily lives of people with reduced mobility, they are inspired to offer all our users innovative products, allying comfort, design and performance

1. A simple technology: Long live the hydraulic cylinder!

Etna Lift home lifts are simple and reliable thanks to the direct hydraulic technology.

Two hydraulic cylinders act mechanically by simple oil pressure to raise and lower the elevator. Only 7 litres of vegetable oil are needed, no oil changes are expected. There is no cable, no chain, no hanger, no electric battery *. In a nutshell: simple and light.

* except for the emergency lighting

ascenseur hydraulique

2. A small footprint : no bigger than a shower stall

Our homelift, thanks to its simple technology, is compact.

A thickness of 8 cm is enough to integrate the cylinders between the two guides fixed on your wall. The elevator shaft is made of plaster partitions with a thickness of about 7 cm. For a 83 cm wide cabin, the integrated sheath does not exceed 105 cm wide. Your elevator occupies as much space on the ground as a large shower cubicle!

ascenseur de maison individuelle

3. Limited Installation Work

Etna Lift private elevators are easy to install and integrate at home.

No need to reinforce the floor, the cylinders simply rest on the ground. No technical room to provide. The sheath closes with drywall, such as a shower room or a separate dressing room. Only the drilling on the intermediate floor can be an important operation, when it is made with concrete. If it is wooden, the work is faster.

Matter 2 days for an installation (manufacture and delivery within 4 weeks maximum).

installation ascenseur privatif

4. Guaranteed security

In the event of a breakdown or a power cut, you can leave the cabin on your own, in complete safety, without calling for help.

You operate a small manual lever from inside the cab and it descends smoothly to the lower level, under the effect of its own weight. A spare key, placed in a case, allows you to unlock the landing door from inside. And you are freed! This operation is also possible from outside the cabin. An emergency lighting and a telephone connected to your existing line are offered as standard.

cout entretien ascenseur particulier

5. A reduced and mastered price

The simplicity of the Etna Lift home lifts explains their affordable price:

You can afford your home lift for the price of a small city car! The dimensions and patterns of the cabin are not significant. The number of floors, with as many landing doors and floor drilling as higher levels, might of course slightly modulate the final price.

ascenseur privatif tarif

6. Chic and comfortable design

Etna lift is a stylish elevator that integrates with style into your home, whether it is existing or in project.</4>

Its guides exclusively with aluminium, its ultra-compact and silent technical box, its closed cabin in wood or glass demonstrate the requirement that we bring to its design. Contemporary, classic, warm or sophisticated, whatever the style of your interior, we have the solution, thanks to our ranges of Essentials, Creative and Premium models. You can even customize your cabin!

installation ascenseur privatif

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