Our commitments

Making life more enjoyable

Improving the comfort of everyone, ease mobility and autonomy, this has been our ambition for over 30 years. This desire to be useful, that gives meaning to our action, is governed by our commitments.

1. Accompany the changes in our Society

The cost of housing is a primary concern for families. Land are increasingly rare, and so expensive, but we continue to see our House as the ideal accommodation.

We want to have larger surfaces in order to adapt to the changes in society: blended families, roommates, children back home after a break of independence, cohabitation of several generations, etc.

The ageing population is a worldwide phenomenon, and this demographic evolution comes with a sociological transformation: we are no longer aging as we did 30 years ago! We are in better health, wish to maintain our independence, to profit from the technology evolutions, to travel, to go out, etc.

Tomorrow the houses designed on several levels will become widespread.

Etna Lift takes part in this reflection on the new forms of accommodations by bringing the best solutions of comfort and mobility to their occupants.

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2. Allow you to live at home longer

Around the world, the ageing population and the increase in life expectancy are permanently changing our ways of living and consuming.

Living longer at home despite the loss of autonomy and mobility is a desire that is increasingly shared. Faced with the shortage of senior care facilities, it is also a necessity.

To follow and support this evolution within families, it is time to think of our home as a scalable and adjustable living space. Etna Lift expertise allows it to meet this expectation, and make life more enjoyable for homeowners by facilitating circulation and security in their homes.

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According to INSEE, in 2050, one in three people will be 60 or older.
Today 90% of people aged 80 or over live at home.

3. Adopt a CSR approach

The safety and quality of our products have always been of paramount importance in our quality management system (QMS). Etna France is certified ISO 9001 Standard.

Our private elevators have proven their efficiency and performance, guaranteed by rigorous testing. Each Etna lift by Etna France collaborator or partner commits to pursue the goal of a total quality product, from its conception to its distribution even after its launch on the market.

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4. Be in constant search for innovation

The home lift technology built with high pressure hydraulic cylinder is an exclusivity developed by Etna France. Our devices are designed in a spirit of efficiency and simplicity, focusing on quality, robustness, safety and price.

This approach is essential since our products are intended for individuals who have a permanent use of their device at home.

We rely on the design and innovation capabilities of our research and development (R&D) office.
Engineers, mechatronics engineers, electromechanical engineers, and our technical teams have acquired an expertise for more than 30 years.

Our commercial are formed to the technique to bring you the best advice and a custom-made service.

5. Promote the « Made in France » guaranteed

Petit ascenseur pour particulierOur private elevators are manufactured in our factory in Normandy.

Etna France is proud to have obtained the « ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE » (Made in France guaranteed) label for the appliances we manufacture in our La Chapelle-Gauthier factory, including our homelifts.

This label guarantees that our devices are manufactured in France and that 50 to 100% of the unit cost price is acquired in France.

All our private elevators are guaranteed 2 years parts and labour.

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