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Etna Lift

The home lift that makes life more enjoyable

Depuis 1986 nos ascenseurs privatifs sont fabriqués en Normandie.

Etna Lift is the international brand dedicated to the export of our Etna France home lifts: we are the first French lifting devices manufacturer.

For more than 30 years, our French family brand, born in Normandy from the ingenuity of two brothers, Rémi and Vincent Bronze, designs, manufactures and installs, for communities and individuals, “vertical mobility” expert equipments : our home lift, good lifts, and disabled access lifts, schools, museums … and now take place in homes and apartments.

Facilitate the daily life of senior citizens in their homes, improve the mobility of people affected by disability : our executives were very early sensitive to changes in our Society. There are the first to invent, in 2008, the home lift concept for individuals.

Thanks to an innovative technology based on a hydraulic cylinder, the Etna Lift home lift preserves the environment and the safety of its users. Furthermore, our personal elevator, designed to take place in the heart of private houses and apartments is design, comfortable, quiet and easy to use.

Definitively focused on the human and its well-being, Etna Lift offers today in Belgium, the Netherlands, in Germany and England its creations allying advanced technology and chic aesthetic. Our three line of Essentials, Creatives and Premiums private elevators, with their their custom-designed looks offer dozens of possibilities. And this is just the beginning !

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If you want to provide your interior with an elegant and comfortable home lift, easy to use,
If you are ready to take the high ground and bring innovation into your home,

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