Welcome to the Etna Lift website,
International brand of Etna France, first French manufacturer of Home Lifts

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The operator of Auckland's casinofisher.com casino is operating the website through a Maltese subsidiary, using a platform, gaming content, managed services and front-end development provided by Malta-based Gaming Innovation Group.Like most online casino, New Zealand online gaming platforms offer a wide range of games to satisfy the needs of all players. These include online slots, progressive jackpots, table games, video poker games, scratch cards, bingo and live dealer games. These casinos are powered by some of the biggest names in igaming combined with up-and-comers. This means players enjoy a nice variety of gaming options.

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SkyCity flagged the online foray in May, saying the venture would be a conservative first step, and not one that was expected to deliver a material return in the near-term.

The company said New Zealanders are estimated to spend about $160 million a year

Welcome to the Etna Lift website,
International brand of Etna France, first French manufacturer of Home Lifts
Welcome to the Etna Lift website,
International brand of Etna France, first French manufacturer of Home Lifts
Welcome to the Etna Lift website,
International brand of Etna France, first French manufacturer of Home Lifts


Creator of the design and customizable home lifts, easy to install,
We help you to improve your comfort, everyday.
To make you feel even better , and for a long time on…

By choosing Etnalift you will benefit from:

  • A simple but top notch technology
  • A installation no bigger than a shower stall
  • An installation work with very limited impact
  • A secure appliance Guaranteed by Etnalift
  • A large choice of chic and comfortable designs
  • A reduced and mastered Price


The “Essentials”

You think “essentials” is another word for basic and you won’t get the home lift you seek and deserve? Think twice! Safe and comfy, our « essentials » line offers all the features you are entitled to customisable to your project, at an affordable price. Etna Lift will not sacrifice its customers’ satisfaction and safety for economic reasons.

The “Creatives”

Decorative is definitely the keyword of these Home Lifts.
All our home lifts are customisable. However, our “Creative” home lifts products give you the opportunity to go beyond and create your own atmosphere.
Added to the quality and the safety we guarantee to all of our Etna Lift products, the “creative” line will bring you the appliance that reflects your uniqueness.

The “Premiums”

As any upscale product, our « premium » line aims to give you the best experience you could expect:   discreet, comfortable, and still easy-to-use & totally secure. These products fits into your luxurious decoration while occupying a limited amount of space. Our Engineers will help you find the measures of your dream appliance as part your new home project as well as a adding to your current nest.


My wife, Louise, has big problems with osteoarthritis, to the point of having difficulties to move. And I cannot always help him alone.

Our son lives next door but we cannot call him four times a day to ask him to help us.
As a result, my wife always tended to stay on the same floor.

I decided to take charge. I contacted several companies, I first asked for stairlifts quotes.

Raphaël X.

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