By ‘future-proofing’ your home with a home lift, you can reorganise your space and experience your interior differently for years to come. Our EtnaLift home lifts offer both comfort and style. Your lift becomes a decorative element in its own right, not simply a way to get around.

Quiet and economical

Comfort lifts are affordable and designed to meet users’ basic needs.


All our lifts come with a two-year parts warranty.

Easy installation

Our home lifts are easy to install and fit into any area with 1m2 of floor space.

Their custom sizing and design can be adapted to all types of residence, from two to four floors and a maximum height of 8.5m.

The lift doors can be configured to allow entry and exit from different directions or the side.

You can also choose between automatic or manually operated doors.

Your comfort and wellbeing come first

When you install an EtnaLift in your home, you give yourself the ability to move easily between floors, to welcome visitors, to transport heavy loads with ease and above all to stay in your home longer.

It adds value to your property, and you’ll enjoy greater comfort and convenience so you can take full advantage of your home.