Etna France is the marriage of two Normandy-based companies founded in 1986, France Elévateurs and Etna Fapel.

We specialise in the vertical transport of people and goods. We bring the comfort and convenience of home lifts and stairlifts to everyone. We make public buildings more accessible with reduced mobility lifts. And we improve cargo handling with our range of standard and specialised goods lifts.

In combining our expertise we’ve created a unique technical and sales network that can meet the needs of both professionals and individuals.

Since 2013 we have been offering our full range products under the trade names Etna France in France and EtnaLift abroad.

To date, we have designed, manufactured, installed and serviced more than 25,000 devices across France.

This makes Etna France the go-to accessibility solution for public and private buildings.

In 2011 we decided to share the quality and affordability of our solutions with the rest of the world. We created EtnaLift as our export brand, waving the French flag high. Our lifts are now available around the world.

For over 30 years our two factories have been located in Normandy, in La Chapelle-Gauthier and Domfront.

Origine France Garantie 
In November 2013, Etna France obtained ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE certification for the lifts we manufacture in one of our Normandy plants: HARMONIE stairlifts, home lifts, OPTIMA goods lifts, and our OPUS and OPALE reduced mobility lifts.